Final Project Potential Proposals

A Giant Wearable Eggplant that covers the torso and plays the Eggplant Wizard Music (if there is such a thing) when the humidity starts getting high on the inside of the eggplant. Bustle Skirt that auto-bustles depending on if a switch is flipped (is this too juvenile?) I was thinking of some sort of pull string mechanic but how would this be implemented? If it were value based, how would the Auduino remember the last set value when turned on or off? Or... would that be an issue I could hide from the viewers since it would be self–operated...Sleeves that roll up and down. Maybe this could also be a Humidity Sensor? If it's too hot the sleeves could roll up and vice versa.Proximity clothing would be quite fun. Maybe instead of a whole garment have a choker that spikes outwards.Nepeta Claws would be fun. Not sure what I'd do but they'd be fun.

Week 7 Debreif

This week we reviewed our instructables homework from last week. We learned a few things about the system of instructables itself how studied closely the articles to see how to build a comprehensive and helpful article. I compiled a list of instructables that I might find useful for my final project after brainstorming a little for ideas.

Final Project Ideas

Lets go Classic

Lets Make Steampunk
Now I'm thinking Motorized Outfit Alterations.


SpiderDress Link:

Personal Space Dress:

I was actually thinking of something like the spider dress, but the amount of sensors required would be far too much. The personal space dress that Thomas showed us also might be too mechanical of an undertaking.

I'm sure the Arduino could easily be activated with a fulcrum to pull up sleeves or to change the levels of a bustle skirt. The idea could be about the mechanization of otherwise simple processes (you know, just another project to point out how lazy humanity is and our reliance on technology bla bla bla). Even with just a simple fulcrum and string, a small custom motor maybe?

Likely Useful Thing I found:
Arduino Beginner Mistakes

Proximity Detection:
Simple Intrusion Detection
Obstacle Avoiding Robot (This would use …

Week 7 Notes!


Instructables Rubric

And make Debreifs STRONGER


All Components Clear and Well Labeled. Link to purchasable Products needed or used or their vendors. Instructables has a feature where you can add notes in images.USE IMAGES: Nice, High Quality Photos, Documents, Schematics, Drawings, Flowcharts, Diagrams. Well lit, Focused, and legible. You will lose pts for bad photos.Well written, Grammatically Correct, and Clear Instructions. Write a Narrative, and talk about cost of materials and/or options. Length of Article Appropriate. If you use specialized language, DEFINE IT.Links to other projects that inspired you or continuations (if project is in parts).Clarity, Quality, Ingenuity, Creativity, Presentation and Execution.RECORD EVERYTHINGReflect as often as you can.DO NOT: Tiny grainy phone camera images. You will lose pts for bad photos.
Laser Harp: GOOD Even the Logic was labelled and explained. High Quality Photos.
"Tom Cruise Shattered this…

Week 6 Debreif

Week 6 started with the critique on Tuesday for Project 1. The critique was less formal than I expected (silly me), but I think our presentation ended up being a nice touch. Afterwards we talked about Arduinos and the uses they have and were to look for potential projects and ideas on instructables. We learned some of the basic coding language for making the Arduino's lights blink, and the coding is surprisingly a lot like Java.

Good, Bad and Ugly


So the tutorial isn't good for everyone, but anyone who already knows how to sew wouldn't need one with this simple of a pattern.

This one is super descriptive and helpful.

It's only a video and then it was dinged for copyright infringement because the video used music it didn't own so there's literally nothing there.
It's ugly and all the pictures are the same???

Week 6 Critique and Notes

How can we push semiotics further? What symbols and recognition qualities can we add into things? What feeling does that invoke?
More documentatioN!!
Record reactions

clown interview or survey

My Project 1 Information can be found here:



--___ is Direct current(DC)

if you get a reading of 1, you'll be out of range. The options on the sides are ranges.

Audible conductivity selector: so it's supposed to beep, actually.
0 resistance when the alligators touch because they're dropping to 0 resistance but can't pass electricity to each other.

You can check the lamp, the lamp lightbulb, the electricity socket. Find out why your lamp hates you news at 11

You don't get all nine volts sorry.

Next is amps
conductivity test and back to our resistance
It scream. You can also use this to check resistors to make sure you have the right one. This is useful because people put the wrong ones in th…