Wk 16 (Final Week)

Last minute Work:

Instructable Link:
WIP, but here are some images to prove I started it:

Final Critique notes:

Wk 15 Debreif

Wk 15 Work

Alright lets do some work!
Computer: hmmmmm how about I crash instead?

So upon starting to breadboard, I realized that the tutorial I wanted to use used a way different Arduino piece for it's SD card and immediately became lost and frustrated with it. I'm compiling some images of my previous breadboarding to help.

Wiring Question: if I sauter an LED and it's resistor to one wire and then just plug it into the breadboard will it still breadboard properly? I'm trying to simplify my wires.

Arduino Board: 24Guage wire - jumpers, pins : Will do with Thomas Tomorrow!!

and find your sautering kit stupid

Wk 14 Debreif

This was the first and most time consuming of the packaging side of the project. The test fabrics acquired the week previous were cut and basted after researching and settling on creating a pattern rather than buying one outright (and, due the unavailability of what I desired to make). After basting the fabrics I was able to identify the problems I had with many of the parts (Mostly, the legs and the face). The wings are yet to be tested, but the final pattern will have to be done this coming week. (After all, this is due very soon.)

Wk 14 notes

Shopping: Fabric Got, Muslin for test pattern got.

Needs: MicroSD/SD, and an adaptor for Arduino:
Done and Done
Troubleshooting: As for troubleshooting, I think the button switch being threaded into 5v might be the issue... but then again I hadn't gotten to the end of that program before that glitching happened. I'll have to take another shot at it Wednesday when I have all of my parts and can start to finalize my test programs and build the final.
Pattern Research: So there aren't very many patterns, or easily attainable patterns for the type of thing I wanted to create. I could always mutilate an already–created stuffed animal, but still to obtain the style I want would be complicated. After conversing with my mother (who just recently created two large bears from a skirt), we decided to amalgamate multiple patterns into one. At first I was planning on using a rabbit body to obtain the legs and bodice that I desired, but I soon found that the internet is BLOATED with useles…

Wk 13 Debrief

This week I worked on the programming a tad bit more. I ran into an issue with the LEDs that neither I nor Thomas could solve. It's likely one of the breadboarding wires, but even then it's odd. It was working a second before the connection decided to give the second LED the short end of the stick. Furthermore this week I compiled reference images for what I wanted to create and procured my Fabrics. Choosing the color was a bit difficult, because there are some colors that are just plain bad ideas for stuffed animals, and most colors available were much too bright.

I was planning on making it a Chromatic Baby Dragon, of the White variety which range from white to ice blues(more like a light baby-blue) to light grey. Though Calcryx specifically was supposed to be white with light blue undertones there wasn't a good way to express that with the fabric type I wanted. There was a slightly pricier fabric that was a very shiny and soft baby blue that reflected light very nicely,…